I like to put outfits together, so send me a request, and I'll see what I can find. If you want to find something soon, look at my tag page. :) You can also submit an outfit if you want to participate on this blog.


You Could Wear This

Electric Zoo Festival NYC. Most from Wet Seal. (Late)

jacket, top, shorts, sandals

Warped Tour in Nashville. Most from Forever 21. (Late)

top, jeans, sunglasses, nails, sneakers

I'm going to see Paramore tonight any ideas On what I should wear?

This is probably too late, but just in case it’s not, I’m going to link you to the rock concert tag. :)

July 19th — and with 2 notes

dieu-eternel yelled:
so I'm going to a fifth harmony concert Saturday but I'm more of a girly edgy I was thinking maybe combat boots and a leather jacket could you make down thing along the lines of that ? thanks !

Sorry I never did this one, but if you’re still looking maybe you could some idea from these outfits I did a while ago. x x

Also, here’s a Fifth Harmony concert outfit I’ve done. x

July 19th — and with 0 notes

Outdoor Iggy Azalea concert. All from Forever 21.

top, skirt, sandals, ear cuff, earrings, necklace

Arctic Monkeys concert w/ mosh pit. All from H&M

[top, shorts, shoes, earrings, bracelets]

Anonymous yelled:
this is v last minute! but im going to a lady gaga concert tomorrow do u have suggesstions?

Sorry I didn’t check my messages until now! I hope you had fun at the concert!

July 18th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous yelled:
I am going to church on Sunday and I don't know what to wear?! I really like the bohemian look lately... do you have any suggestions?

I haven’t gone to church since I was a kid, but (depending on the religion and the church) I think it’s be best just to dress nice in black dress pants and a blouse (or along those lines). I can put an outfit together if you still want ideas, but I don’t think I’d be able to make a bohemian look and still be appropriate.

July 12th — and with 0 notes

Something to wear to the hairdresser. All from Topshop.

top, jeans, shoes

Whatever you end up wearing, I like to wear tanktops to get my hair cut so less hairs get stuck in my shirt. :)